5 To-Dos For Thanksgiving

First off, I would like to thank everyone for sharing my Thanksgiving recipes. Even if you have not planned or prepared there’s still time to download this shopping list and make everything in no time.

Complete Whole Food Plant Based Thanksgiving Menu

We can still enjoy food at no compromise of taste and without animal products, oil & highly processed parts of the whole plant foods.

In fact, omitting items like eggs, butter, oil, and dairy from your holiday menu, means you can eat more of the foods you love without the tired, sluggish, gross feeling of bloat and discomfort afterwards.

Let alone the extra calories in butter from oil, and margarines, you really want to get the most out of the food you eat this holiday! Here are some health swaps you can make to save calories:


2Including a balanced plate of starchy and non-starchy fruits & vegetables  is highly suggestible to keep you satiated and satisfied without over-consuming calories!

3Starting with soups!

This will help manage your entree portions. Try this soup made from the water after boiling potatoes in my Purple Maple-Pecan Mash


Why go all in on one sitting? Spread it out!

We all are kind of happy Agustus was greedy and gulped down the chocolate river, but don’t be like Agustus–it never turns out very well.

How about seconds, thirds, and save room for dessert through out the entire day!

BE THE TAST TESTER: You take a little of each. You know theres always a LOT to go around. And then you come back to attack your favorites. This way of eating allows you to spread out your consumption and take what you need the second time around

TRY TO BE THE SPACER: You have a Starter. You wait a little and then you have an entree. Maybe some tea or coffee, and a walk, then you have enough room without feeling like a nasty stuffed sausage, to really enjoy dessert! 

NOT THE ONE AND DONE: You pile everything on the plate so much that mountains of mash flow streams of savory mushroom gravy all over your maple pepper brussels sprouts  and you yourself end up feeling just like the stuffing!

5Make Room. Go for a walk!

Just after all of this, and no matter how you choose to eat, before sitting and enjoying some laughs or cry’s with family and friends–Go for a walk!

Sitting can cause uncomfortable acid reflux. Fiber may be more protective than animal products in the first place, but get up and go move before crashing!

Research shows that regular post dinner walk and >3 hour dinner to bed time interval were associated with reduced acid reflux symptoms. 

Which dietary pattern may also help reduce symptoms? Check this out:

After all, save some room for later. Enjoy your holiday! Don’t forget to Like and follow me on Instagram @teddieddie


Spinach Kale Salad

Not just a recipe! Tips and strategies to changing your relationship salads taking it from an appetizer to main stage! Plus my Go-To Tried & True Dressing that will change everything!

Does anyone else crave kale?

Why do you need a recipe for a salad? Well, Most people don’t like salads because they’re just making them all-wrong. Ice-burg lettuce sitting in a bowl is not only bland and boring, but a weak and pathetic excuse to toucher yourself in eating healthy.

Its time to taste the difference. 

Leafy greens are not only the healthiest foods, but we should be eating them everyday. Sometimes I start building a salad and then I’m like, “okay, what else can I add to this?. . . and what else. . .? ok What else?!” before you know it my next grocery store visit includes a larger bowl to accommodate this madness!

That brings me to my second strategy!

Strategy 002: When building dishes & recipes, always ask yourself, “What else can I add to this!”

Whether its a bean, a cruciferous, a nut, or a seed, theres always a way to eat in abundance. Oophh, lets hit Strategy 003!

Strategy 003: Instead of counting calories and calculating macros, we need to be counting variety, because variety counts! 


Yea, lets not make this complicated. Throw some leafy greens together, some beans, cruciferous, nuts, seeds, and a fruit. When ever I hear “eating salads is hard, I think, well, preparing chicken, trimming the fat, marinating, cleaning, sanitizing, cooking, and making sure the chicken is actually done……is hard. Meanwhile, I’m over here and I already ate 3 salads, looking to crush a fourth, “its a hard not life.”


Theres no reason to go bland and boring. Try different leafy greens, different beans, get curious, explore flavors, blends, and concepts. The best part about salads is that it puts you in control. 

Of course if you find a great blend, stick with it until it gets old then modify it! 


I admit to going overboard sometimes with my salads. I know its 2018, but this is a salad and sometime you can get too inclusive. Too much variety or too many of too many things causes some to have digestive issues. I suggest if your variety goes up, keep the quantity low. if your variety goes down, keep the quantity high! 


At first salads may be daunting, but as soon as your taste buds change, you start craving veggies. For me, I crave the crazy energy I get after eating salad. Every time you eat a great salad with no-oil laden dressing, you get a rush of blood flow you can almost feel moving under your skin!

For beginners and even on,

Strategy 004: The right food with the right sauce is a GAME CHANGER

This not only goes for salads, but for every dish you prepare!

Here is my GO-TO Tried and True dressing and sauce. It’s super versatile, so try it on anything and watch your experience with food change forever!