Cherry Pie Delicious C=πd

Be it for Post-workout, Anti-inflammatory, to eat more fruit, or simply enjoy a healthy pie without the guilt, this Whole-Food, Plant-Based Cherry Pie is comes with no added sugar, salt, fat, or oils. Even better Tart Cherries have substantial evidence supporting a multitude of benefits from sleep to muscle soreness.

(C=πd)(A=πr^2) ITS SCIENCE. Cherry Pies are Delicious and Apple Pies are too! But did you know the crazy benefits of eating tart cherries, or even berries!? 

Have you ever woke up and say, ‘I’m going to make a cherry pie’ . . . Yea-me-niether……UNTIL TODAY!

Nailed it! Seriously, I’m on a pie roll! I Love pie, I reeeeally do not know who doesn’t.

This WFPB pie is disease free. *I don’t put cancer or heart disease in my recipes because I don’t use animal products or processed foods. 

Instead, this pie is just what you need for a Post workout, to sleep better, or even reduce muscle soreness. Got Arthritis? This Pie can help with that too!


Waiting for your pie to be done?

Watch these quick videos from to learn about how you are about to get a healthy kick in the . . . pants. 

Tart Cherries for Insomnia

Anti-inflammatory Life Is a Bowl of Cherries

Treating Gout with Cherry Juice

Reducing Muscle Soreness with Berries

WFPB Pie Crust

Whole Grain, Oil-Free, and vegan: Finding WFPB-compliant Pie Crusts in retail stores is a tall order. Fortunately, it is easy to make your own crust and keep them on hand for any Pie occasion. 

(This Recipe Makes one Pie Crust more than enough for a Bottom and top of a 9 inch pie Plate or for 3 small pie tins)

This amazing pie crust can be par baked to make sure your crust comes out lightly crispy or frozen for storage. 

Simply make the dough, roll it out, fill it up and Bake!

Crust will store 5 days in there refrigerator or up to two months in the freezer.



Chickpea Pumpkin Pie With Pecan Date Crust – No Bake

If their is one thing you need to have this holiday its this no back Chickpea Pumpkin Pie. Paired with the Pecan Date Crust, your going to have to stop yourself from eating this entire pie in one sitting. 

The best things in life are no-bake. 

Seriously, when you don’t have to open an oven, bake, or boil, it feels like a win for all humanity. This twist on a traditional pie, includes chickpeas which adds a better texture when paired with pumpkin. The crust includes no oil, no rolling, no eggs, just whole foods!

Top this recipe off with some Fudge Frosting, or Cashew Icing, sit back and get ready for a healthy kick in the pants!