Un-Believably-Better Biscuits

If you learn anything from me it is that you need these in your life.

Whoever said you need butter to make a biscuit, has never actually lived! Every time they come out Crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. Its almost like your a professional baker. You’ll be craving these the minute their gone so make sure you yell pass the biscuits first at the table and take definitely take two or three for yourself!

Although they take some work, they complete the meal. I also like to use them to make sandwiches, for veggie soups, and they go great with a breakfast tofu scramble! -Especially if you like your scramble on the spicier side!

Im not going to waist too much time with this recipe you need to just drop everything right now and start making them!

Roll that Beautiful Biscuit Bowl! 

Traditional Mash

I don’t normally eat white flesh potatoes due to their oxidative effects which in turn increases inflammation. However, that doesn’t put white flesh potatoes on the complete red light food map, but more on the caution side. 

During intense training, exercise, and competition, we want to decrease all factors of oxidative stress, increase anti-oxidants, and boost recovery. White flesh potatoes may work against us in our desire to achieve optimal health, yet I do not want to demonize them. Consumption can come on a moderate basis, and theres ways we can not make their oxidative effects more pronounced. 

To try the healthiest mash potatoes you can eat, check out my
 Purple Potato Maple-Pecan Mash

“Compared To What?”

First, lets go deeper and darker down the potato line. Choosing a darker flesh potato has more anti-oxidant properties. Sweet potatoes with orange flesh are a better choice than white potatoes, but Purple Sweet Potatoes are best. This is where we can hit Strategy 005:

Strategy 005: When choosing a food, its not whether or not its healthy as it own, but you have ask the question, “compared to what?”

For example, grains are good, rice is a grain, and since grains are good, rice is there fore good–Right? But there are a lot of different types of rice. Is white rice, good? Now you see, brown rice is better, but even red rice is better than brown and black rice is better that red. 

Rice in general? What about Quinoa, barley, or oats? So, you can see you can go general or specific, and you can apply that generally to all forms of fruits, veggies, beans, legumes, starches, nuts, and seeds. Specifically you can ask the same about apples type, cabbage color, and even different teas. 

Perception Over Perfection

Okay, this looks confusing at first. It make soy think well I don’t know whats healthier and I just give up. 

Don’t be that person. . .

This isn’t about the perfection, and a white potato is not going to kill you! The starch, fiber, and nutrition content seem to balance out to some degree. Even eating white rice is not all that bad compared to eating no grains at all.   And so this brings us to Strategy 006:

Strategy 006: The best plant food is not the healthiest one. The best is the one that you will eat the most of. 

In another instance, cooking method could follow the same methodology as choosing healthier foods in Strategy 007:

Strategy 007: The healthiest way to prepare a food is the way that you will eat it the most. 

Everyone thinks eating plants is so restrictive, but these strategies make it more inclusive than selective and leave you room to grow. 

Now, of course there are some TERMS AND CONDITIONS to these statements. We’re talking about WHOLE PLANT FOODS that these guidelines follow. We’re not being sympathetic to eating mash potatoes and duping a ton of butter on them and saying, “hey, this is the best way or me.” That just is not going to fly. 

Stay within the realm of applying these strategies to Whole-foods, centered around Plant-Based sources. 

Enjoy this Recipe! Let me know what you think!

Purple Potato Maple Pecan Mash

This Changes Everything!

You known what they say, Once you go purple, you’ll never go back. . .Or something like that?

Did you know Purple Sweet Potatoes are a staple amongst the healthiest cultures in the world!?

This is a food that makes it own introduction and needs no filter to make a first impression at any table, gathering, or event! 

I like to keep my recipes simple and rememberable. You don’t always want to run back to a list of instructions every time. The best part is that these potatoes pack so much flavor that they need very little work past cleaning and cooking.

I admit, most of the time I will just wash one of these, poke some holes in it, pop it into the microwave, and click the potato button. 


I strongly believe these will make their way into many more Americans lives as the landscape of nutrition shifts away from the Standard American Diet (SAD). 

I also strongly believe the potato button on the microwave is the most under rated button !

Nutrition Facts

On my instagram page Teddieddie , I strongly encourage you to visit Some Nutrition Facts I have put together on Purple Sweet Potatoes HERE!


Heres what you need to do to cut time, efficiency and make the most out of this!

  • Start your water before prepping the potatoes
    • * Boiling is the healthiest way to cook a potato
    • * Microwaving is the second healthiest way to cook a potato
  • Peel the potatoes
    • Although the skin has the most Anti-Oxidants this will reduce time of scrubbing and cleaning!
    • Leaving the skins on does not change the recipe just makes it healthier! 
  • Chop the potatoes into pieces no larger than 1 inch
    • This significantly cuts cooking time! It also helps when you go to blend the potatoes the smaller pieces are relatively easier
  • Not too much liquid
    • The potatoes will have a lot of water density. Add your non-dairy milk accordingly in small splashes as you mix
  • Patients while blending
    • Take your time and blend them well, unless you like a chunky mash (I’m not a fan) 

Spinach Kale Salad

Not just a recipe! Tips and strategies to changing your relationship salads taking it from an appetizer to main stage! Plus my Go-To Tried & True Dressing that will change everything!

Does anyone else crave kale?

Why do you need a recipe for a salad? Well, Most people don’t like salads because they’re just making them all-wrong. Ice-burg lettuce sitting in a bowl is not only bland and boring, but a weak and pathetic excuse to toucher yourself in eating healthy.

Its time to taste the difference. 

Leafy greens are not only the healthiest foods, but we should be eating them everyday. Sometimes I start building a salad and then I’m like, “okay, what else can I add to this?. . . and what else. . .? ok What else?!” before you know it my next grocery store visit includes a larger bowl to accommodate this madness!

That brings me to my second strategy!

Strategy 002: When building dishes & recipes, always ask yourself, “What else can I add to this!”

Whether its a bean, a cruciferous, a nut, or a seed, theres always a way to eat in abundance. Oophh, lets hit Strategy 003!

Strategy 003: Instead of counting calories and calculating macros, we need to be counting variety, because variety counts! 


Yea, lets not make this complicated. Throw some leafy greens together, some beans, cruciferous, nuts, seeds, and a fruit. When ever I hear “eating salads is hard, I think, well, preparing chicken, trimming the fat, marinating, cleaning, sanitizing, cooking, and making sure the chicken is actually done……is hard. Meanwhile, I’m over here and I already ate 3 salads, looking to crush a fourth, “its a hard not life.”


Theres no reason to go bland and boring. Try different leafy greens, different beans, get curious, explore flavors, blends, and concepts. The best part about salads is that it puts you in control. 

Of course if you find a great blend, stick with it until it gets old then modify it! 


I admit to going overboard sometimes with my salads. I know its 2018, but this is a salad and sometime you can get too inclusive. Too much variety or too many of too many things causes some to have digestive issues. I suggest if your variety goes up, keep the quantity low. if your variety goes down, keep the quantity high! 


At first salads may be daunting, but as soon as your taste buds change, you start craving veggies. For me, I crave the crazy energy I get after eating salad. Every time you eat a great salad with no-oil laden dressing, you get a rush of blood flow you can almost feel moving under your skin!

For beginners and even on,

Strategy 004: The right food with the right sauce is a GAME CHANGER

This not only goes for salads, but for every dish you prepare!

Here is my GO-TO Tried and True dressing and sauce. It’s super versatile, so try it on anything and watch your experience with food change forever!