Purple Potato Maple Pecan Mash

This Changes Everything!

You known what they say, Once you go purple, you’ll never go back. . .Or something like that?

Did you know Purple Sweet Potatoes are a staple amongst the healthiest cultures in the world!?

This is a food that makes it own introduction and needs no filter to make a first impression at any table, gathering, or event! 

I like to keep my recipes simple and rememberable. You don’t always want to run back to a list of instructions every time. The best part is that these potatoes pack so much flavor that they need very little work past cleaning and cooking.

I admit, most of the time I will just wash one of these, poke some holes in it, pop it into the microwave, and click the potato button. 


I strongly believe these will make their way into many more Americans lives as the landscape of nutrition shifts away from the Standard American Diet (SAD). 

I also strongly believe the potato button on the microwave is the most under rated button !

Nutrition Facts

On my instagram page Teddieddie , I strongly encourage you to visit Some Nutrition Facts I have put together on Purple Sweet Potatoes HERE!


Heres what you need to do to cut time, efficiency and make the most out of this!

  • Start your water before prepping the potatoes
    • * Boiling is the healthiest way to cook a potato
    • * Microwaving is the second healthiest way to cook a potato
  • Peel the potatoes
    • Although the skin has the most Anti-Oxidants this will reduce time of scrubbing and cleaning!
    • Leaving the skins on does not change the recipe just makes it healthier! 
  • Chop the potatoes into pieces no larger than 1 inch
    • This significantly cuts cooking time! It also helps when you go to blend the potatoes the smaller pieces are relatively easier
  • Not too much liquid
    • The potatoes will have a lot of water density. Add your non-dairy milk accordingly in small splashes as you mix
  • Patients while blending
    • Take your time and blend them well, unless you like a chunky mash (I’m not a fan) 

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